'TheTwo' Set
All the best things seem to happen when a person is not looking .. or trying. This started out as a doodling project. Had made some new brushes for PhotoShop and wanted to see how well they worked ... and ... tada ... a few doodles later i had the top image you see on this page. Thought it turned out so well and didnt have the heart to dump it.

In the zip file you will find all the necessary image files and html to create the page you see here. All that is asked for in return is that the Graphic Distractions logo (linked to http://littlevanillabeans.tripod.com/) be visibly placed on each page that these graphics are used. It is not required, but i would also love to receive an email with the link that this page will be used .. so that i can come and visit you.
The font used in this set is Bradley Hand ITC.
Zip file