Column Set
This set was created with a certain lady in mind who asked me if i would share how one of my tutorial pages were put together.

The top, middle and bottom portions of the columns were created in Paint Shop Pro 7 as a single 750 x 750 pixel image. It was then sliced into three pieces.

The top portion goes from the top of the columns to where the long fluted sections begin.

The middle section was taken from a portion of the long fluted parts of the column, making sure .. to the best i could .. that it was seamless.

The bottom was sliced from the bottom of the columns .. up into the fluted sections. The only reason it is sliced up into the fluted section, was to take into account for the faded section that is inbetween the column bases.

The dark blue pattern is set as the background for this page. There is a three cell table placed in the center.

The top cell has the top portion of the columns set as the background for that cell. Setting the cell dimensions the same as the image (750 x 145). A cell with nothing in it will not show .. so the welcome sign image was centered in that cell. If one has nothing they wish to place in the cell .. such as a welcome sign .. the top portion of the columns can be placed in the cell as an image instead of used as a background.

The middle cell has the middle fluted section of the columns set as the background. Setting the cell dimensions at 750 pixels wide x 100% of window. This enables the center section to grow as more is added to the page. Also another table was added to this cell .. just to keep the content of the page from spilling over onto the columns. i set the border width of that table to 1 so that it can be seen ... that of course can be altered so that it does not show by setting the border width to 0.

The bottom cell has the bottom section of the columns set as the background. Setting the cell dimensions to the size of the image (750 x 120). And since and empty cell will not show .. the Graphics Distractions logo was placed in the bottom center of the cell.

The zip file for this set contains all the images and html that were used to set up this page. All that is asked for in return is that the Graphics Distractions logo (linked to be visibly placed on each page that this set (in part or as a whole) is used.

Zip File

A certain amount of html knowledge is needed to be able to place the text you want on the page .. and arrange the images in a different way if you so desire to. Am still learning html, but if help is needed, i will try my best to help.

Hope that this set will be enjoyed .. and will find a good home.