Stucco Rose Set

Have a love for old fashioned roses .. just wish web sites could have a smell .. can you just imagine a lovely old rose smell when you look at these?

The zip file includes all the graphics that are shown here, as well as a text file that explains the bevel and shadow used in Paint Shop Pro7 for the buttons .. in case you would like to make some others. It also will include the Font used .. a link to where one can download the Blade Pro Preset .. a psp file of a empty button .. and a jpg file of the large rose used for the welcome sign.
All that is asked in return is that the Graphic Distraction logo be visibly placed (and linked to ) on each page these graphics will be used. It is not required, but i would love to receive an email with a link to where this set will be used .. so that i may come and visit you.

Zip File

A certain amount of html knowledge is needed to be able to place the text you want on the page .. and arrange the images in a different way if you so desire to. Am still learning html, but if help is needed, i will try my best to help.

Hope that this set will be enjoyed .. and will find a good home.