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I think that anything a person wishes to learn is a valuable thing. so I was thrilled when I was asked to write this tutorial. Believe it or not there is nothing to download .. no filters, no plug ins, no presets .. this whole illusion is done in Paint Shop. If you would like to use the same font I am however, you can download it by clicking on the button below (link updated) It is called Platthand Demo, but any font will do.
Platthand Demo
This effect does not look as nice on straight lines, such as frames, but it turns out rather well on rounded things such as dings and fonts.

Lets play ...
1). Open an new image 400 x 400 with a white background. It is best to have too much space to work in, then not enough.
2). Set the Foreground and Background colors to #665A34. This is the same color I have used before with some of the text on my pages. Because of the shine this creates on the text, at least to me anyway .. I think darker colors look better. But any color will work.
3). Add a new layer.
4). Using the text tool, click on the center of the image. When the text box opens, you will need to find the font you wish to use in the drop down. This particular font looks best at larger sizes so I have set the font size at 72 and made it Bold. Make sure Floating, and Antialias are checked, and click ok.
image3671 (7K)
If you wish to have more then one word, it is best to put each word on a separate layer so they can be moved around till they appear pleasing to you.
5). Go to Effects/ 3D Effects/ Inner Bevel and use these settings ..
image3691 (10K)
This in it's self is nice, but I think the drop shadow we will apply next is what sets it off and gives it the dimension.
6). Go to Effects/ 3D Effects/ Drop Shadow and use these settings ...
image3711 (9K)
The color used in the drop shadow is not black actually .. it is #221E12, which is a very dark brown. It is probably just personal preference, but I rarely use black as a drop shadow. Mostly I use this color, or a very dark version of whatever the background is that I will be placing the text on.
Here is what you should have.
image3741 (3K)
That is it .. it is that simple. Below are some examples of a few dings done this way.
image3771 (10K)
Here is a little trick that I have used that might come in handy to make the very small text or ding. If the ding made at the size you need does not have as much shine on it as you would like .. try making the font size larger then you need, bevel it, and then resizeing that layer .. follow up with sharpening it, and then the shadow. This will help make the shine a bit larger and brighter then it would if you started out with the size text/ding you needed. Hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial .. if you have any problems, please use the email button at the bottom of the page, and I will do what I can to help.

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