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Paint Shop has always been a great source of tunnel vision for me .. taking my mind off of other things. While doodling with the sinedot filter, I accidentally created the settings to make this ribbon .. in light of things that have been happening lately (September 11th, 2001) .. the results of these settings seem to take on a different meaning. So I decided to stretch out my tunnel vision a little longer and write this tutorial.
Supplies: Paint Shop Pro 7
Dragonfly Sinedot Filter. Wonderful free filter. Will need to be unzipped into the Plugins folder of your Paint Shop. The path for that is normally C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins. Please do not forget to click on the file named "Assign Path" once you have unzipped it to your plugins folder.
Dove tube, Flag image, and fill tile. The dove tube was downloaded from the annexcafe. Sassyone was gracious enough to allow me use of her Flag image. The fill tile is one I created. These files should be placed in the folder you normally keep your paint shop images.
1). Open the qgdfadedflag.tub image in paint shop. Since this was a shared image and not created by me, I am sending it intact as I received it.
2). Go to Mask/Delete and answer no when asked if you wish to merge with the layer. The mask layer will disappear and you will see a larger amount of the flag.
3). Go to Image/ Mirror
4). Using the cropping tool, select the center part. Want to make sure that the three stars towards the top/middle stay in the selection. Once you have this accomplished, double click in the center of the selection to crop the image.
It should look similar to this ..
image365 (12K)
5). Open a New Image 182 x 315
6). Click on the flag image to make it active and go to Edit/ Copy
7). Right click on the top of the New Image and select "paste as a new layer". It will now be filled with the flag.
8). Use the mover tool to position the three start so that they are just a bit away from the edge of the right side.
image368 (6K)
9). Go to layers/ Add a new raster layer
10). Select White as your Foreground color and Flood Fill this new layer with White.
11). Go to Effects/ Plugin Filters/ Dragonfly/ Sinedots and apply these settings.
image371 (18K)
12). The effect is upside down and backwards from what we would like so .. Go to Image/ Flip and then Image/Mirror.
It should look similar to this ..
13). Open the White_Peace_Dove.psp image. Go to Edit/ Copy
14). Right click on the top of your sinedotted (if that is even a word) image and select 'Paste as a new layer'
15). Use the mover tool to position the dove where the two ribbons cross each other.
16). Go to Effects/3D Effects? Drop Shadow and use the settings shown below ... The color is used in the shadow is #191A2F.
image377 (19K)
17). Go to Layers/ Merge/ Merge all Flatten
18). Set the background color to black and then Go to Image/ Add Border. Place a 3 in the top box and make sure that Symmetric is checked.
19). Use the magic ward (tolerance set to 0) and select the black border.
20). Open Gold-GD.jpg.
21). Set the foreground to Pattern Fill and scroll through and select the Gold-GD.jpg you have open on your work area.
22). Use the flood fill tool to flood the selected black border with the gold fill.
23). Go to Selections/ Invert
24). Go to Effects/ 3D effects/ Cutout and use these settings ... the color used is #262114. Leave selected.
image380 (16K)
25). Apply the same cut out settings .. only this time change the Horizontal and Vertical to -2.. Deselect.
image383 (22K)

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