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Have to give credit where it is due and say that the beginning of this idea came from doing Bonnie Hayler's tutorial "Ornate Mask Frame" which can be found here. Thank you Bonnie for the inspiration.
Supplies ... Paint Shop Pro 7. This tutorial will hopefully explain how one can create lovely textures from photos and graphics using Paint Shop Pro 7, although I'm sure it can be done in 6 as well.
FM Tile Tools.It will need to be unzipped and placed in the plug ins folder for
Paint Shop Pro. The path is normally C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins. (note: some of the images for this tutorial were resized slightly for faster loading time)
Have found that photos of roses work the best for this .. they seem to have a lot more depth and play on lights and shadows, and when used as a texture they give a very realistic look. Any graphic or photo can be done this way .. the possibilities are endless. Have done feathers, leaves, other types of flowers, and have even done people.
One thing to remember is that light comes forward and dark retreats so one might want to try and find images that have a balance of light and dark. Too much of one and the texture will look flat and crystallized .. which is fine if that is the effect you are wishing to achieve.
This is the image we will be using for this tutorial (it has not been resized) .. please right click and save it to your hard drive.
image3661 (5K)
1). Open the image provided in Paint Shop.
2). you will see there are a lot of dark, fairly empty spaces in the corners. If one wishes the texture to have a loose spaced appearance this would be excellent .. but for this tutorial we are going to crop that out. Click on your crop tool and crop the image fairly close to the rose edges.
image368 (4K)
The reason for cropping closely is that we do not want the image to become distorted when it is made into a seamless tile later in the tutorial.
3). The image is beautiful as is ... but a bit too large for what we are creating. Go to Image/Resize and reduce to 60% of the original. Click ok. It is important to remember that the size one saves the texture at will be the size it will appear when used on a image. This can be very helpful because it gives one a fairly good idea what it will look like when used as a texture. If this is not a size that appeals to you .. step three would be the best time to resize it to your wishes
image370 (9K)
4). Now we need to get back the depth that resizing took away. Go to Effects/Sharpen/UnsharpMask and use these settings. Click ok.
image373 (8K) 5). Next we will make the image seamless so that we will not have that annoying line in our texture. Go to Effects/Plug-in Filters/FM Tile Tools/ Seamless Tile and use these settings ..
image376 (8K) 6). Again use the seamless filter .. this time making sure that the vertical is checked .. click ok. The image should now look like this ..
image379 (4K)
7). Now for the texture part. Go to Effects/Plug-in Filters/FM Tile Tools/Blend Emboss .. use these settings .. and click ok
image3821 (11K)
8). Repeat step 7, sending the image through blend emboss again using the same settings.
9). It is necessary to save the texture to the proper folder in order to use it as intended. Go to File/Save As .. when the box pops up you will need to find on your computer where the Paint Shop Textures are kept. This is usually C:/Program Files/Jasc Software Inc/Paint Shop Pro 7/Textures. It is extremely important that the image be saved as a BMP or it will not work. Now once you have saved it as a texture, you can close your image. That is all there is to it.
Lets try it out ..
1). Open a new image 400x400 Transparent
2). In the Styles Palette, pick a background color that you like. For this tutorial i am using #665A34.
3). using your flood fill tool, left click and flood the new image with color
4). Now pick a light color as your foreground color. For this tutorial i am using #FFF3C6
5). Below the Style Palette is the Texture Palette .. click on the small arrow on the left side to open the texture selection box. Find the texture that you just saved in the pop up box that will appear. Do not worry if it looks all black .. it is a gray scale image that has been reduced to thumb nail size for the selection box and because our image was dark to begin with .. it is expected.
image385 (6K)
6). We will use the AirBrush Tool to apply this effect. The settings are a matter of personal preferences, depending on the effect one wishes to achieve, but for this tutorial we will use these settings .. Shape - Round, Size - 200, Hardness - 0, Opacity - 70, Step - 25, Density - 100
7). Right click on your image and slowly spray paint the texture on to the brown background. A single rose can be placed by clicking repeatedly .. or the entire surface can be covered .. depending on the look one is going for.
8). Now simply embellish to your liking.
image3881 (17K)

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