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Click on the button below to download the tools for this tutorial. Once it has downloaded, unzip it. The mask (oakleaves-GD.gif) and the image of the flowers (frameflowers.jpg), into the folder that you keep your graphics. The pattern fill (Gold_GD.bmp) needs to be placed in your Patterns folder, that is C:/Program Files/ Jasc Software Inc/ Paint Shop Pro 7/ Patterns The blade pro preset (nk_reflection.q9q) and the two bmp maps (pearl.bmp and nk_sample2.bmp) should be placed in your super blade pro presets folder which is C:/Program Files/ Jasc Software Inc/ Paint Shop Pro 7/ Plugins/ Super Blade Pro/ Environments and textures. NK Designs has been so kind as to allow me to place her preset and bmps into the zip for this tutorial and I wanted to thank her for that. Also, she has some of the most elegant and beautiful presets on her pages, I do hope you will take a few minutes and go to visit her site.
Zip File
NK Designs
The other tools we will be using are ..
Paint Shop Pro 7 .. this tutorial can be done in 6 as well .. the names of tools will probably be the only difference.
Super Blade Pro (regular Blade Pro will work for this tutorial as well)
Texturizer Plugin. This is a fairly common filter and can be found in many places online. Adobe Photo Shop holds the copy write to this filter, so I can not offer it for download. If you do not have this filter there is a way to create the same type of texture in Paint Shop without it. E mail me and I will send you the settings.
Now that we have all that out of the way ... lets play.
1). Open the flower image and mask in Paint Shop. You can minimize these if you like, it will be a while before we use them and they both can be used while they are minimized.
2). Open a new image: 400x400, transparent.
3). Add a new layer. You can name these layers if you like .. I do not normally name mine, but for the purpose of clarity we are going to name them for this tutorial. Name this layer "gold".
4). Go to your Styles Pallet, place your cursor over it so it, click and hold the button down and the options box will open under the Styles Pallet. Select the Pattern icon, the one that looks like a dotted square. A box will open for you to select what Pattern you wish to use .. scroll through and find Gold_GD. Click ok.
Tut1 (8K)
5). Using your flood fill tool, flood the new layer with the gold pattern.
6). Add a new layer and name it Mask.
7). Change your foreground color from the gold pattern to black and flood fill the mask layer Here comes the magical part
8). With the Mask layer active, go to Masks/New/From image. In the box that will appear, scroll down and find oakleaves-GD and select it. Make sure that source luminance is checked and Invert mask data is unchecked and click ok.
Tut2 (11K)
This image has been resized to save on download time for this page, but this is basically what you should have, only larger.
9). Go to Selections/ From mask. All of the black in the image should now have those cute little marching ants around it.
10). For this to work correctly we will need to delete the mask. Go to Masks/ Delete Mask .. when asked if you want to merge with current layer, select yes. This will take away all the extra black we do not need any longer.
11). Go to Effects/ Plugins and Filters/ Flaming Pear/ Super Blade Pro and apply the preset nk_reflections. Stunned? I was too, our black has suddenly turned to a beautiful ivory texture with a very nice bevel to it.
tut4 (11K)
12). Do not deselect .. we need to give it a bit of definition so, go to Effects/ 3D Effects/ Drop Shadow and use these settings. Deselect.
tut5 (18K)
Ok, here is where it might get a bit confusing as we flip flop back and forth through different layers, but i will do my best to explain everything so it is understandable.
13). Using the Magic Wand (make sure to that sample merged is unchecked in your tools pallet) click on the center of the image. You will see that it does not go all the way to the edge of the mask. The reason for this is because of the drop shadow we added .. no worries, that is just what we wanted. Your doing great.
14). Go to Selections/ Modify/ Feather and place a 9 in the box that will appear, and click ok. The selection will move to the edges of the mask, but we wanted to keep some of the gold and that is why we are using the feathered selection.
15). In the layer pallet, highlight the gold layer to make it active and hit the delete key. Deselect
tut6 (18K)
You should have a lovely gold haze just inside your mask.
Now we need to add our picture matting
16). Add a new layer and name it Matting. Using the layer pallet, drag this layer under the gold layer. when open your layer pallet should now look like this
tut7 (11K)
17). On your Styles pallet, set your foreground color to #FFFEE0. Make sure that the matting layer is active and flood with that layer using the flood fill tool. Texture in an image adds dimension and gives things an air of realism at times so we are going to give out matte a bit of texture to it.
18). With the matting layer active, go to Effects/ Plugins and Filters/ Texture/ Textureizer and use these settings.
tut8 (10K)
19). In the layer pallet change the active layer to the gold layer again, and using the Magic Wand click once in the center of the image.
20). In the layer pallet, change the active layer now to the Matting layer and hit delete. Do not Deselect.
21). We need to give this a little depth. Go to Effects/ 3D Effects/ Cut Out and use these settings. Deselect.
tut9 (17K)
22). All we are missing now is the picture. You should still have the frameflower image minimized on your work space. Right click on the bar of the minimized image and select Copy. Go back to your Frame and right click the bar at the top of that image .. select Paste as a New Layer.
23). In the layers pallet click and drag the picture to the bottom for your layers.
24). Merge all Flatten and you are done.
oakleaves-framed (21K)
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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