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Was playing around one day with a couple of images and KPT, and originally I used an image of a real cameo to create this effect, but was not satisfied until I figured out how to make my own cameo.
You will need ....
This tutorial was written for Paint Shop Pro 7.
KPT 5. This is a Buy only filter from Corel. It is not available for demo anywhere that I know of.
FM Tile Tools. This can be downloaded from Fantastic Machines and placed in the plug ins folder. Normally that pathway would be: C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins
KPT 5 ShapeShifter Presets. Please click on the button below to download the two presets. They will need to be unzipped and placed in the ShapeShifter Presets folder. Normally the path for that would be: C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins\KPT5\presets\ShapeShifter.
ShapeShifter Presets
Optional - Oval Selection. While testing out this tutorial I made it simpler on myself by saving the oval selection to disk and thought it might come in handy for someone. If you wish to use the selection, click on the button below to download the zip. It will need to be placed in your selections folder, C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Selections. If your Paint Shop Pro does not have a Selections folder, just make one.
Oval Selection
And of course an image of your choice. This effect can be done using most images. An image with a overall medium to dark lighting and good contrast seem to give a more carved look when finished. Vintage images of course give it more of a realistic look. If you would like to use the same image that I am using, please right click and save to your own hard drive.
image3681 (6K)
Let's play ....
1). Open the image in Paint Shop. If you are using the selection provided, make sure that your images width is at least 251 and the height is close to 362.
2). Go to Colors/ Gray Scale.
3). This step is very important, Go to colors/ increase color depth/ 16 million colors. Without that step everything done to the image will only be in gray scale.
4). An overall color is needed for depth and for certain other steps to work properly. Go to Color/ Colorize and use the following settings ...
image3711 (7K)
5). Go to the layer pallet and right click on the word 'Background' .. select 'Duplicate' from the drop down. Now there are two identical image, one on top of the other. There is no visual difference in the image, but they layer pallet should look like this ..
image374 (4K)
6). Make sure that the top layer is active and go to Colors/ Negative Image. Looks a bit like velvet doesn't it.
7). With the top layer still active go to Effects/ Texture Effects/ Emboss.
8). Go to the layer pallet and turn off the top layer by clicking on the little glasses beside the words "copy of background". Should see a red X over them now.
9). Click on the background layer to activate. Go to Effects/ Plugin Filters/ FM Tile Tool/ Blend Emboss and use the following settings ... I think they are the filter's original settings.
image3771 (11K)
10). Go to the layer pallet and turn the top layer back on by click on the red X.
11). Now for a tiny bit of magic .. Go to your layer pallet .. on the right hand side of the layer pallet you will see the word 'Normal'. Click on that word and set the blend mode to "Lighten".
image380 (6K)
Instant carving. It reminds me of the old Celluloid cards my grandma had. This is wonderful just as it is, but most cameos have a different kind of lighting to them. Almost like an internal glow, which we are going to try to duplicate.
12). Go to Layers/ Merge All Visible.
13). Go to Effects/ Illumination Effects/ Lights. This is important : First i want you to click on the drop down list and click on the Flood Preset. After that you can adjust the settings to the ones shown below.
image3831 (11K)
Have heard of allot of people having problems with the lighting filter when used in tutorials. That is usually because their lights were set to a different effect .. say Lamp maybe, or Soft Corner Light. When I created this lighting I started by clicking on flood and then adjusting the settings ... if you do the same, it should work.
This is what you should have ....
image386 (7K)
14) If you are not using the selection file, use the selection tool set to Ellipse (antialias unchecked) and make an oval selection on the image.
If you are using the selection file: Go to Image/ Canvas Size and place the width and height to 400 and center vertically and horizontally. Then go to Selections/ Load from Disk and double click on the Oval selection file.
15). Once you have made the selection by either method, Go to Selections/ Promote to Layer. Leave selected.
16). Now for a bit more magic .. Go to Effects/ Plugin Effects/ KPT 5/ ShapeShifter. Go down the the bottom left hand corner and find this button
image389 (1K)
this will open a new window ..
image3921 (12K)
where you can use the arrows to find the GD1 preset and click the check mark in the lower left hand corner to apply.
The KPT preset window will then close and it will show you a preview of the image. Then click the check mark in the lower left corner to have Paint Shop apply the preset.
image395 (1K)
Instant cameo ... leave selected. This is nice, but the lighting and depth is not as i would like it.
17). Go to Effects/ Plugin Effects/ KPT 5 ShapeShifter and using the same button open the preset window and find the GD2 preset. Click the check mark to apply.
This second preset adjusted the lighting and added a more realistic shadow to the edges.
18). We no longer need the bottom layer ... Make sure the top layer is active and right click on the top bar of the image and select "Copy" .. place your cursor over an empty place on your work area and right click .. select "Paste as a New Image". You can now close the other image without saving.
image3981 (7K)
You now have your basic cameo, ready to be decorated.
For this tutorial we are going to go very simple. and place a nice ring around it.
19). Go to Image/ Resize/ and reduce 80% .. make sure that 'resize all layers' is unchecked.
20). Go to Effects/ Sharpen/ Sharpen
21). Repeat step 19 and 20.
22). Using the magic wand, click on the canvas around the cameo.
23). Go to Selections/ Invert
24). Go to Selections/ Modify/ Expand and place a 7 in the box.
25). Add a new layer and flood fill with white. Leave selected.
26). Go to Selections/ Modify. Contract and place a 9 in the box. Hit the delete key. Deselect.
We now have a cameo on one layer and a white 7 pixel ring on the top layer.
27). Make sure the top layer is active .. Go to Selections/ Select all ... Go to Selections/ Float. The white ring should now be selected.
You can now flood fill with a color that pleases you .. and use the inner bevel set to Frame or Metallic to finish it off .. Or you can apply your favorite Blade Pro preset if you wish.
28). Go to the layer pallet and drag the top layer (the one with the ring) to the bottom.
At this point, it is up to you .. dings can be added, gems, feathers, whatever your imagination desires.
Here is an example of something I have created this way.
image4011 (10K)

Hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial .. if you have any problems please use the email button below and I will do what I can to help.


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