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Since the first KPT Background tutorial of mine came out ... I have had some emails about if it could be done without using KPT. Had seen many attempts ... and had tried a few myself .. but none came close. Was so wonderfully thrilled when RoseMary wrote me to show me that it could indeed be done without KPT .. and sent me the instructions on how. Being a very generous lady .. she allowed me to write this tutorial ... thank you very much RoseMary.
Supplies: Paint Shop Pro 7. It can also quite easily be done is 6 as well.
Unplugged Tools. "Photo Shop Plug in Compatibles" is the one I downloaded. It will need to be unzipped and placed in the Plug ins folder for Paint Shop. The path for that normally is C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins. If you are new to Paint Shop, it is likely that you will not have a folder named Plugins ... it is a good idea to make one. Plug ins and filters are very addictive and wonderfully useful, so it will be filling up in no time at all.
Image of choice. If you would like to use the same image that I am using .. please click on the thumbnail below to view full size .. where you can then right click and save to your own hard drive.
image364 (8K)
Let's play ....
1). Open the florala.jpg in Paint Shop. This image is already 360 x 360 square .. but the nice thing about this is that it does not have to be square .. it can be any ol size you like.
2). Go to Effects/ Plugin Filters/ Unplugged Tools/ Transition.
Now the settings can be different for each image and that may sound complicated .. but truly it is not. It will depend on the image you have selected. What this filter does is that it pulls the pixel color that is at the edge of the setting across the image to the other side. So it looks best if the settings are kept where the image has the most colorful variations in it.
image367 (11K)
The settings i used were, Left - 39, Right - 212, Top - 39, Bottom - 212, Horizontal/ Mix/ Vertical - 128, Transparency - 0.
3). Using the Crop tool, zoom in a bit and find the corner so that you can crop the tile out of the original image.
image370 (6K)
4). Go to Effects/ Sharpen/ Sharpen/
5). Now one can use any one of the many seamless tile filters to make it seamless ... 20/20, FM Tile Tools, Mura Seamless, or Simple Quick Tile.
Think this would also look great if the Simple Filters were used on it as well ...
image373 (6K) image375 (8K)
image377 (8K) Hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial .. if you have any problems please use the email button below and I will do what I can to help.


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