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Yep .. another Framing tutorial .. but I think one can never have enough ways to Frame an image .. especially those of use who belong to design groups and send out finished images in to be seen by others.
In this tutorial we will make a nice glass looking frame. Would first like to thank Lee Sir for sending the image I am using for this tutorial .. castles always seem so dreamy, must be all the children's stories I used to read. You will need Paint Shop Pro 7 .. 6 will work just as well but the placement or name of certain things may be different.
An image you wish to frame. If you wish to use the same image that I am using please right click and save to your own hard drive.
image364 (30K)
"Optional".. a calculator. Know that sounds odd but you will see why in a moment.
A Texture of your choice. If you would like to use the same one that I am using Please click the button below to down load. Unzip and place it in your textures folder .. C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Textures
Texture File
Super Blade Pro or Blade Pro
Shiny Gold Preset. If you do not have this preset, please click the button below to down load the zip file. You will need to unzip and place the file in your environments and textures folder. The path to that folder is normally .. C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins\SuperBladePro\environments and textures.
Gold Shiny Preset
Lets play ...
1). Open the image you wish to frame in Paint Shop. Shift + D twice and close the original. One of these images can be minimized as we will only be using it for a short time later in the tutorial.
2). In the color pallet, set the foreground color to #FFE8C2 and the background color to #775C4B. These are two colors I selected out of the image to be framed. If you are using a different image then provided, please select new colors from that image or it may not come out looking quite right.
3). In the layer pallet right click on the word background and select "Promote to Layer" from the drop down.
4). Hit the delete key. Should now have an empty image window .. the is ok it is just what was supposed to happen.
5). Go to Image/ Canvas Size. If you are like me .. here is where you may need that calculator, especially if you are using a different image. If you look down in the bottom right corner of your Paint Shop desk top you will see the image size that is active.
image3711 (9K)
The first number is the width of the image and the second number is the height of the image.
In the Canvas resize window that will pop up we are going to add 90 to the width and height or this canvas.
6). Enter the new dimensions and also make sure that the "Center image horizontally" and "Center image vertically" are checked then click ok.
image3741 (9K)
7). Using your flood fill tool .. flood the image with the Background Color. that would be the darker one.
8). Go up to Selections/ Select all
9). Go to Selections/ Modify/ Contract and place the number 45 in the box. When you click ok you may have to wait a tiny bit for the computer to make the calculations.
10). Press the Delete key. Leave selected please.
11). Go to Effects/ 3D Effects/ Cutout and use these settings.
image3771 (13K)
The color used for the shadow is #221D12 rather then black. It is probably just personal preference and you are free to change it to black if you wish .. I rarely use pure black in cut outs or shadows, to me this looks a bit more realistic.
12). Go to Selections/ Invert and leave this selected through the next steps.
13). Go down to your minimized image we made earlier .. right click on the top and select Copy
14). Go back to our frame image and right click on the top .. select Paste as a new layer.
15). This has been pasted over our cutout so we need to go to the Layer Pallet and click and drag this new layer to the bottom.
Here is what you should have so far.
image3801 (14K)
16). Still have the frame part selected ... right? good. Go to the layer pallet and make sure that the frame layer is active and then Add a new Layer.
17). Go to your textures pallet .. this is under the styles pallet where your foreground and background colors are. Click and hold down on the box directly under the word textures .. this will open the drop down and you can select the little box that looks like gravel. A box will pop up where you can browse through and find the texture from the zip folder. The name of the texture is Roses .. once selected click ok.
image383 (6K)
The Styles Pallet should look like this.
image386 (3K)
18). Use the Air Brush tool with these settings and spray paint a light coating of the texture in the selected area. Leave selected.
image389 (8K)
It might look similar to this ...
image3921 (18K)
Almost done ... Now for a bit of magic ...
19). Go to your layer pallet and make the Frame layer active. It should be the middle layer .. but if you hold your mouse pointer on the name of the layer a pop up preview will show you what is on that layer .. is an easy way to be sure.
20). Now go to Effects/ Plug-in Filters/ Flaming Pear/ Super Blade Pro and apply the Shiny Gold Preset.
21) Deselect and then Merge all layers and it is done.
image3951 (15K)


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