Welcome to Graphic Distractions.

For quite a while now I have gotten emails from people telling me that some links do not work any longer. Also having received emails stating the pages are not all there ... or load very slowly ... this has prompted me to redo the site. I will try to get everything up and running ... as I am sure it will be a long time before redoing the site happens again.


Priorities in life have shifted over the years and it has been a while since having updated the site. I now have a full time job and a very beautiful granddaughter that has her grandmother wrapped around her tiny finger. With two teenage kids in the house that have the computer more often then I do, there seems to be less time spent on the computer then there used to be. I still love to doodle in the computer. And have also taken up some new hobbies to spend the few minutes here and there in a day that are not taken up with something else.


Chain maille and jewelry making, as well as digital scrap booking. Both are highly enjoyable as well as rather addictive. Because of these new interests, you might find the links section with a few more places to visit then it had before..

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I hope that you enjoy your stay, and thank you for visiting Graphic Distractions.